5 Apps you must download before visiting Tel Aviv

In the day and age of smartphones, there's not a single reason for you to be clueless about your travel destination. Now that you've booked your tickets for Tel Aviv pride, here's a list of recommended apps that'll make your stay so much easier.


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Photo By: Atraf

With more than half a million users frequenting Atraf’s website and app daily, Atraf has become a must-have app for every gay local and tourist in Israel. Atraf offers a fun dating experience that’s easy to use and an LGBT nightlife guide that updates daily and lets its users purchase tickets to various events.


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Photo By: Moovit

If you’re tired of walking around with a map, asking people which way the beach is, this local transit app might be the solution. Moovit is the best way to find your way in Tel Aviv using public transportation. The app let’s you know which bus to take and how long it’s gonna take before it arrives, making you look less tourist-y and help you feel like a local.




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photo credit: Gett

If public transport is too much of a hassle and walking is not an option, this local car service is what you need. Gett will let you order a taxi in minutes and get you where you need in a reasonable price. The app now lets you share the cost of the ride between your friends and also offers a new delivery service.


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Photo By: Google 

You’ve already learned how to say Shalom, Sababa and Toda but if you wanna take a deeper dive into hebrew, Google Translate will do the job for you. Most Israelis are pretty fluent in English, but it’s always handy to have the entire Hebrew vocabulary in the palm of your hand, ready to describe strange vegetables or rare fish.


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Photo By: Tel Aviv Municipality

Bicycles have become somewhat of a default transportation vehicle for many Tel Avivians, which use their bikes to get to work, the beach and even clubs. Tel Aviv’s municipality is offering a bicycle renting service called Tel-O-Fun which let’s you borrow a pair of bikes from one of their docking stations and return it to another, closer to your destination. The Tel-O-Bike app will let you know which station is close to you and help you plan your ride accordingly.

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