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Women Film Week on March 4-6.

 Wednesday 04.03.20 

Ema | 9:30 pm
Pablo Larraín, the award-winning director of Jackie, Neruda and No, returns with Ema, another surprising and unique cinematic piece of art. Ema, who was once happily married to the choreographer of modern dance company she was the star of, has her family life shaken to the core after a shocking event.
In an act of self-liberation, Ema goes on a personal odyssey and discovers herself. The film is a sweeping and energetic drama about art, passion, sexuality and the modern family showing bisexuality and pansexuality as it has never been seen on the big screen before.

 Friday 06.03.20 

Death will come and shall have your eyes | 10 pm
When Maria is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she and her wife Ana decide to spend their last days together in a private cabin in the woods. While there they find old books and letters full of magical stories. These stories help them to rediscover their own love that was long ago lost in the routine of life. A Poetic, surprising, and thrilling film about reconciling with your destiny and finding comfort and hope in even the darkest of times.

 Saturday 07.03.20 

Two of us | 5 pm
Nina and Madeleine, two retired women, have been secretly in love for decades. For everyone, including Madeleine’s family, they are simply neighbors living on the top floor of the building door to door. They come and go between their two apartments, sharing the soft pleasures of everyday life until an unexpected event disrupts their routine. Two of Us is an exciting drama with an all-star cast including Barbara Sokova, who is known to the Israeli audience as Hannah Arendt from her role in the film, “Hannah Arendt” and to European film enthusiasts from the works of Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the early 1980s.

 Sunday 08.03.20 

Lingua Franca | 9 pm
A powerful, independent drama that made history after being selected to the Venice Film Festival 2019. It is not often that a movie, directed by, written by and starring a transgender woman is selected for one of the world’s biggest film festivals. The film follows Olivia, (Isabel Sandoval), an undocumented Filipino transwoman working and living in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn as a caregiver to Olga (Lynn Cohen), an elderly Russian woman. Olivia’s life gets more complicated when she meets Olga’s grandson, Alex. With the fear of deportation looming, Olivia must navigate her new relationship and find a way to stay in the country.

Monday 09.03.20 

The foxy merkins | 9:30 pm
Margaret is a down-on-her-luck lesbian hooker in training. She meets Jo, a beautiful, self-assured grifter from a wealthy family and an expert on picking up women, even as she considers herself a card-carrying heterosexual. The duo hit the streets where they encounter bargain-hunting housewives, double-dealing conservative women, husky-voiced seductresses, mumbling erotic accessory salesmen, and shopaholic swingers. Navigating the bizarre fetishes and sexual needs of their “dates” brings into focus the hilarious and pathetic disparity between the two hookers, as fellow travelers who will share the road together but only for a while.

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Lesbian Friendly
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